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The NVIDIA Quadro 2000M is a professional workstation graphics card based on the Fermi architecture (likely the GF104 or GF106). It offers the same amount of shaders like the GeForce GTX 460M, but only a 128 Bit memory bus for DDR3 memory. The slow DDR3 memory in particular could be a bottleneck to the GPU

The Quadro series offers certified drivers that are optimized for stability and performance in professional applications like CAD, DCC, medicine, or visualisation areas. OpenGL performance, for example, should be significantly better than GeForce graphics cards of similar specifications.

The shader/CUDA cores can be accessed using DirectX 11 or OpenGL 4.1 for graphics rendering and DirectCompute, OpenCL, AXE, and CUDA for general purpose calculations. Due to the new Fermi core, the 2000M should offer high performance in general purpose calculations.

Furthermore, the Nvidia Quadro 2000M is compatible with the new stereoscopic solution by Nvidia, NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro.

To automatically switch between the processor graphics card and the Quadro, the 2000M supports Nvidia Optimus. The implementation of the technology into specific notebook models is dependent on the laptop vendor.
The Quadro 2000M is specified at 55 Watt TDP and is therefore best suited for 15.6″ or greater laptops

Condition: OEM product, used.


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