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Cloud Storage & Backup

IPC Solutions

Cloud Storage & Back up

We are delighted, in connection with Dolphin cloud services, to offer our customers a new storage service.

We offer from 50 GB of storage up to 1TB so you can store and backup those precious memories and photos, important work documents, and anything else you may want to backup; even share with your family. Using an easy-to-set-up the user interface, which we will help you to do, we can automate your backups, and should a horrible computer problem happen, a broken machine or failed hard drive, we can restore your data for you.

Prices start at £6.99 per month with a one off setup fee of £30.

Did we mention, all our data centres are based in the UK and the support we access is also UK based.


50 GB of storage £6.99 per month

100 GB of storage is £12.99 per month

250 GB of storage is only £19.99 per month

500 GB of storage is £35 per month

1 TB of storage is £60 per month.

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