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Price list April 2024 to March 2025.

This is the current price list for iPC Solutions. We like to be transparent with our charges and these are listed below so you know is advance what the price will be. Valid from the 1st April 2024 to the 31st March 2025.

Labour charges

Bring to us prices are £50 per hour for all services we do. This includes fitting new CPU, GPU, mainboards etc and includes testing of said items. This does not include the parts, these will be extra or supplied by you*.

In your home £60 per hour within 10 miles of Maldon. Additional mileage charges at 45p per miles after 10 miles. Excludes parts.

Diagnosis charges: If we complete a diagnosis on your computer to ascertain what a problem is, the charge is £40. If you go ahead with our repair quote, this is included in the final charges. If you decide to go elsewhere, the £40 is payable before your items are given back.

Custom Builds

Visit our custom PC builder page and choose your parts. All prices are shown on order but we can help you select the best options for you. When you are ready to purchase, email or call us with your order.

Annual service and cleanup

£70 for a full tune up and malware removal. also includes physical cleaning the laptop or desktop, new thermal pastes applied where applicable.

Console servicing and upgrades

We offer a full service of consoles, this involves a full strip down, fan service, thermal paste/liquid metal replacement(if required), system updates and this costs £60. If you need a new SSD and HDD, we can do that as well. Parts are extra. Consoles we service are:

Playstation 2,3,4 and 5

Xbox 360 and all one series.

*if you supply your own parts, we will not be liable if they do not work or are faulty. Only parts supplied by us carry any warranty for damages or faults.

Hello. Welcome to iPC Solutions webstore. We are away from the 17th May 2024 until the 10th June 24 and will NOT be able to ship any items until the 11th June 24. Please only order our items if you can wait. Orders made before the 17th May will be shipped before closure. Thank you.