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Sustainable Computer Services (Recycle)

We believe that sustainability is about balancing people, planet and profits.

Sustainable IT, also known as Green IT, covers the manufacturing, use, management and disposal of information technology in a way that minimises its impact on the environment.

We understand the need for laptops and technology. We do not understand throwing away a perfectly functional laptop simply because it is a few years old and the warranty has run out.

70% of laptop e-waste could be re-used

Approximately 160,000 laptops are disposed of every day in the EU alone and around 70% of these could be re-used.

Reducing landfill waste

No matter the number, the percentage of e-waste that end up in landfill is too great – a huge amount of the e-waste is shipped to South America, Africa, China and India despite laws in place to forbid this.

In developing countries, local e-waste ‘pickers’ (often children) are exposed to harmful toxins on e-waste sites, causing death in some cases, while the long-term damage to local populations and the environment is still unknown.

At iPC Solutions, we firmly believe the need as a society to recycle and reuse our older technology in a sustainable way. We can see daily in news feeds from around the world, that we are draining our worlds resources and the current shortages we are seeing in the tech channel due to covid amoungst other global issues. If we all look at our computers and mobile phones, we are constantly sold newer, faster and slimmer products everyday form the likes of Apple, Dell and HP.

Are those products that you have really that bad?

Do you really need to upgrade to the latest model?

Does your current device serve your purposes?

If you have answered no to the top 2 questions, keep your current device and maybe have it serviced by our technicians and upgraded. If you have to have the latest tech, why not let us have it or buy it from you to recycle and reuse, saving global materials. This is also the green choice.

We refurbish all this technology and resell to new users at vastly reduced and low prices. We even offer business and consumers 2 options. We take and collect your tech for free and give you part of the end profit. Or we simply buy your device from you and we take care of the rest – refurbishment, secure data destruction and repair. We can also supply you with new, used and refurbished tech to stop you wasting lots of money on brand new, expensive items. Contact us today.

Visit out shop below to see our stocks of renewed and recycled tech – alongside new counterparts!

We also stock at least 10 laptops and 10 desktops and 1-2 gaming pc’s at all times.

Call us today and let us find your perfect computer or accessory.

Visit our shop now and see what we have in stock. Also, if we don’t have what you want, we may have more stock that we have not been able to advertised yet.

Hello. Welcome to iPC Solutions webstore. Please feel free to contact us if you need help. Also, check out the PC builder to design your perfect PC, we can help you do this if needed.