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Custom Gaming PC’s

We can build you a custom gaming PC that matches your regquirements and budget. We offer honest advice and will always give you an honest appraisal of any system you put to us that you require. We base our gaming pc’s on these common questions:

  1. What games do you play?
  2. What budget do you have?
  3. What resolution do you game at, 720p, 1080p, 4K?
  4. What else will the PC be used for?
  5. Do you have any current components like hard drives, graphics cards, that you want to use?
  6. Do you want a flashy RGB based gaming case, or a nice suttle standard case and spend more on components?


The list is endless, but we do our best. We also have our custom PC builder that we can sit down and help you choose the right components, the PC builder will tailor itself to show compatible components in the critical places like CPU and motherboard compatibility.

Contact us now to learn more

Hello. Welcome to iPC Solutions webstore. Please feel free to contact us if you need help. Also, check out the PC builder to design your perfect PC, we can help you do this if needed.