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Corona Virus update

Dear Customers

We would like to update you during these troubled times. First and formost, we would hope that everyone is isolating and strictly following the guidlines set by the government as YOUR health and safety are paramount. Please do not disobey the orders given by the government and stay safe.

Secondly, we are open for business and will mainly be shipping items out. Demand for laptops and desktops is at an unprecedented high and i have seen prices shoot up throughout the industry. We are pleased to say that we have been reducing our prices as we know that people will fall on hard times. All our current stock is on our ebay shop for the latest stock.

Contact us via the messaging service here as we can possibly lower that price.


Stay safe and well people!

Hello. Welcome to iPC Solutions webstore. We are away from the 17th May 2024 until the 10th June 24 and will NOT be able to ship any items until the 11th June 24. Please only order our items if you can wait. Orders made before the 17th May will be shipped before closure. Thank you.